24 - 25 May 2019, Edinburgh


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The conference tends to have a balance of talks between Drupal and wider web topics, such as UX, Git, local development environments, CSS, Javascript, HTML5, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. We target talks at all levels of attendee, from beginner to advanced.

Confirm speakers are:

Jochen Lillich

Picture of Jochen Lillich

Jochen Lillich is the founder and CEO of freistil IT, a distributed team of web operations experts running the managed hosting platform freistilbox. After studying computer science in the 90’s, Jochen founded a number of IT businesses and gained experience in IT management at leading internet companies in Germany. Today, Jochen lives with his family near Dublin, Ireland.

Mono-repo vs Multi-repo — which approach is superior?

While having a separate git repository for each project is the most common way to do version control, there is also the opposite approach: a single, “monolithic” repository that contains the code of all projects of a team or even of a whole company (and not only at small companies but huge IT organisations like Google or Facebook). In my talk, I’m going to highlight the pros and cons of both approaches and tackle the question of which is the superior one. The answer will surprise you! 😉