Welcome toDrupal Camp Scotland
Saturday, November 5th 2016 - Glasgow


The Scottish Drupal Awards return in 2016 to celebrate the creativity and hard work within the Scottish Drupal community during the past year.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE - 31st October 2016 11:59PM



Best Drupal Website

This category seeks to recognise the company that has created a compelling user experience and delivered business results for the client. The solution has an ability to educate, inform or motivate to action. In addition, there may be integration with 3rd party applications.

Best Public/Not for profit Drupal website

This category recognises professional organisations (charities, member organisations, political parties and others) or public bodies (local government, central government, government agencies, NGOs etc.) that have either created a compelling user experience that serves the interests of their members/constituents or has increased self-service and promoted the quality and efficiency of digital services to the public and businesses.

Contribution of the year

The winner of this category will be a company or person that has developed a new and useful module, contributed to core Drupal development or documentation or has contributed to the community in some other significant way.


The site or contribution must have gone live/happened since DrupalCamp Scotland 2015 (7th November 2015) and either the client or agency must be based in Scotland. You must complete and submit an application, which details:

  • - The challenge
  • - How Drupal solved the challenge (for contribution of the year this will be how the person or company solved the challenge)
  • - The outcome